Rohinton Mistry. Respect.

I just finished reading two of Mr. Mistry’s books back to back. I went through pain,suffering,empathy,sorrow and outrage over the course of three weeks.


A fine Balance. A Must read. One of a kind. And that simple evocative language. I cried and cringed at so many places. Outrage , sorrow and retrospection were suffered (not necessarily in the same order) If you had to read on book this year let it be this. ( I am ordering this book of amazon as soon as my budget permits)


Such A long Journey. This was the first Mistry  book I read. I was so drawn deeply into Gustad Noble’s life and the subtleties of the Parsi culture. And the central conflict and the colorful characters. As the book proceeded I went deeper into my internal reserves and to places in my memories I had long forgotten or suppressed.

I first heard of Rohinton Mistry when I read a piece about ‘such a long journey’ being banned. I got curious and decided to check him out; one of my best calls. And that beautiful flow of words   makes me fall in love with the English language even more.

Those who continue to harp on the inevitable decline of the novel ought to…consider Rohinton Mistry…” –New York Times Book Review of Books.

Tamasha’s adaptation of Rohinton Mistry’s ‘ a fine balance’ enjoyed two sell-out runs at Hampstead Theatre.