Indie Ink Challenge – week 2

My challenge for this week came from Random Girl.  And my challenge was to Barb Black.
Your internal dialogue is now being heard by everyone around you. How does this change your thinking?
hmmm … an interesting and a tough premise.

A phone booth in Times Square. It rang.
It’s none of my business. But a victim of habit I picked it up.
and that is when shit got real.

“Don’t dare to hang up. I have a sniper aimed at your head. Continue talking. This is not a joke.”

“whaa…are you kidding me ??”

“How do I assure you I am not. You see that guy walking up to the booth. I am going to shoot him.”


“Who the fuck are you ?? and why did you shoot him ? ”

“Like I said. I am not kidding man.”

soon a crowd gathered around and pointed at me yelling that I had shot the man. This was a reel life nightmare coming true. Soon officers from the midtown precinct arrived; guns drawn out moving cautiously towards the booth telling me to come out with both hands in the air.

“don’t dare hang up. Talk to the cops and you’re dead meat.”

“But what did I do to deserve this ?”

“You really don’t know? Let me refresh your memory. Remember Ryan from high school ?”

“Ryan ?? Ryan !! is this you? Dude that was high school. I’m a different person now. Please don’t shoot me. I was on my way to propose to ..”

“Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. You see Mitch; I’ve borne the humiliation for too long, now I’m getting my due. Some emotions are so deeply rooted that only a bullet through the head and an untutored scream will do to express them.”

“Can we talk this over ? And the cops have swarmed this place you can’t get out you know.”

“Why don’t you leave the escaping to me.”

A cop tries to sneak up near the booth Alex yells him away.

What did I do to deserve this…agreed I was a rowdy kid in high school but he want’s to kill me for the past… atonement… But where did he get that sniper. If only I could tell Judy how much I loved her… how accurate are snipers…will I survive a shot to the head…the credit card payment is due tomorrow..what if ma discovers my stash of porn …

A officer moves up near the booth again and in a low voice asked  “Where is the sniper ? ”

WTF is happening. How did he know that a sniper is involved.

“I can hear your inner voice Mitch. Don’t look startled, act normal and continue talking on the phone. The SWAT team is in place. Keep talking in your head.”

crazy as fuck.

“Hey Ryan now that you’ve decided to kill me anyways how good of a marksman are you ?”

“After all the year’s I’ve spent training for today I can assure you I’m very good. The vantage point gives me
a clear view of your head. Say your last prayers.”

If he pulls the trigger I am dead. He is a direction opposite to my forehead…go.. now.

“You still do that thing we used to do ?

“ Yes. Very Much or else how do you think I tracked you down ?”

SWAT Team please save me from this maniac.

commotion on the other end of the line. static. call terminated.

This was taxing and tough and I made a feeble effort. But my other plot lines were less inspiring : a wall street trader accused of insider trading / a suicide bomber / a Brooklyn bridge jumper / A  Schizophrenia patient  / A Sociopath . Will definitely revisit this premise again in the future.