homeboy – alien

I was just another vermin living in the margins of a totalitarian society’s consciousness.
The regime of the land dint bother with our types for we for a better part of a century had relatively been trouble free.
The trouble began with me.
I broke ranks and ventured out into the world.
I discovered societies and systems far more advanced and sane.
I came back excited.
I told my brothers of the sights I had seen and the knowledge I had gained.
They said I was a traitor for deserting them by not staying and stagnating.
They drove me away with sticks, stones and knives.
The regime is now aware of my feeble failed attempts at rabble rousing and has put a hit on my head. The word on the street is that an assassin is rapidly approaching my hideout.
I do not fear death. I fear that my ideas will die with me.
So weary traveler if you have felt the angst, followed the markers and have found this tablet; you have come seeking for clues and inspiration; I have failed and the regime reigns strong.Do not lose hope for  the future of our people depends on you.

Save yourselves to save them.

Know this, that your strength is theirs.

Arise and awaken.

Don’t make my mistake, kid.
Don’t follow orders your whole life.
Think for yourself.
– Barbatus, Antz