no, really, why did we wear ties in school ?

Anand Giridharadas interviews Sam Pitroda

On what restricts the creativity and innovative potential of Indian students:

“It goes all the way to child-rearing practices. It has to do with allowing your children to experiment freely. When we are raising our children, we constantly tell them: ‘Don’t do this; don’t do that. Stand here; stand there.’ It creates a feeling that if there is a boundary, you don’t cross it. You create boxes around people when we need people thinking outside the box. People don’t want to move outside the box because it will be socially unacceptable. And then schoolteachers reinforce that – ‘Sit down, stand up, don’t do this, don’t do that,’ instead of saying, ‘Experiment, fight, put your finger in your nose.’ That experimentation is not there.”

“You need to be really free. Somebody should be sitting in the window, someone on the floor. Too much regimentation in school is not good. In small towns, people wear ties to school. Who came up with this idea of wearing a tie to school – in India?”


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