‘Just Married, Please Excuse’

Feb 2012 – Hyderabad. Dad, a newly married me and the missus, were on our way to the Samsonite showroom in Begumpet for some zipper fixing business. Dad parked his car opposite the showroom on the other side of the road. I questioned his decision in doing so because, there was no cross way or foot over bridge for me to walk over to the other side.

Dad and the missus in their infinite wisdom (smilingly) told me to wade through traffic and get the job done because driving over to the storefront  involved going too far up and making a sharp U-turn; rather than all that pain, man-up and go they said.

So I did.

I stood on the road for 30 minutes with a big bright red american tourister unsuccessfully trying to cross over to the other side midst angrily honking drivers. Dejected i walked back to the car, tail between my legs. Dad and the wife laughed out aloud. Dad turned up the humiliation meter a notch saying,  ” What five years in USA you forgot how to a cross road in Hyderabad ? hain ! ”  The wife chips in, “Sweetie you sit in car I will go and get it done.”  Testosterone raging  I stormed out like Jamie Fox in Any Given Sunday after that Al Pacino speech scene ; 20 minutes latter and none the wiser i bet retreat.

Dad let out a sigh locked his car, held the suitcase in one hand and my hand in other with my wife acting as his sidekick waded through heavy traffic effortlessly like a Avatar Aang.

I was ashamed. For a newly married man, I made a less than favorable  impression of my macho to the missus. She fittingly remarked : ” Cant cross road. How will we cross life ? “

I was just thankful the FIL hadn’t accompanied us.

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