keeping up appearances

For the past one year, every morning on my way to work, I’ve been religiously picking up a free copy of the ‘Metro‘ newspaper at the station.  Of special interest to me is their ‘Career Advice‘ section.

Why? don’t you like have a secure job and matching 401k program ? hain.

Given the turbulent times and ever changing visa reform; nothing is secure, I retort.

Coming back to the column in question, the posts I read are always championing  ‘personal branding’. Not a mention of how you need to be good at what you do or subject matter expertise. This I find worrisome because, it leads me to believe that as long as I project confidence and sell my persona, a job is mine. A workforce of people keeping up appearances and doing jobs they’re not suited for will land an organization in a soup.


2 thoughts on “keeping up appearances

  1. I always regret not picking one up. Not because I would read it, I definitely wouldn’t, but the way they keep asking you to take one, I really feel terrible 😦

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