Scorsese fever.

Circa 2009 after being bestowed an expensive Masters degree the  jobless months that followed were spent doing vacuous movie marathons. I would justify this ‘whiling away of time’  by calling it a study of cinema/art and all that bs. I never harbored RGV/Tarantino-esque  film-making ambitions. I was a slacker who keeping busy during his downtime with high bandwidth.

Movies are amazing; combined with some quality reading on /r/movies and lo now you’re an addict constantly seeking  your next fix aka the latest ‘recommended movie’.  Then you become a hoarder. All precious bits and bytes stashed away in shiny cases to be willed out  to children and grand children.

Somewhere along the way you get a job and are now a wage slave riding the nine to five flywheel. Your addiction is now a figment of some imagined past. You manage to watch maybe one or two in a quarter just enough to make clever quips at social gatherings. Then you marry.

She likes twilight; you want to fang yourself. Then you tease her with a ‘Cinema Paradiso’. She likes what she sees and pesters you for one more. You whet her appetite a little with an eclectic diet of  genres and languages. Now She’s a neophyte. She ventures out onto the world wide web to explore and comes back with suggestions for movies that have piqued her interest. You crack open a six pack while she sips her moscato. Happy times are here again.

That brings me back to Scorsese.

During a beer fueled December evening bunch of us cinema nerds were discussing Goodfellas when the biggest nerd among us told me about the  legendary Steadicam tracking shot through the nightclub kitchen. I was blown away by how I dint know this interesting piece of trivia.

The legendary Steadicam tracking shot through the nightclub kitchen was an accident. Scorsese (right, with De Niro), who didn’t even like using Steadicams at first, had been denied permission to go through the front door and had to improvise another plan. He decided to do it in one long shot to symbolize “Henry’s whole life being ahead of him, doors opening to him. It’s his seduction of Karen and it’s also the lifestyle seducing him”.

I have resolved to watch guruji’s movies in chronological order so as to introduce the misus to his craft while I revel in his cinema. Our playlist for 2013 is now all major motion-pictures directed by Shri. Martin Scorsese.

1967     Who’s That Knocking at My Door
1972     Boxcar Bertha
1973     Mean Streets
1974     Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
1976     Taxi Driver
1977     New York, New York
1980     Raging Bull
1983     The King of Comedy
1985     After Hours
1986     The Color of Money
1988     The Last Temptation of Christ
1990     Goodfellas
1991     Cape Fear
1993     The Age of Innocence
1995     Casino
1997     Kundun
1999     Bringing Out the Dead
2002     Gangs of New York
2004     The Aviator
2006     The Departed
2010     Shutter Island
2011     Hugo

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