i find your lack of sports knowledge disturbing

Moss: Awright, ‘arry? See that ludicrous display last night?

If you are a ‘The IT Crowd’ fanatic like me the scene that follows the above dialog should leap out at  you :



Being 26 years of age; living in USA and not following any Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, American Football, Soccer, Basketball or F1 is a niche disadvantage. You get left out of most sports talk at work , visits to sports bars are accomplished only by binge drinking.

Conversations with similarly challenged friends go like this

X: Tume football follow karre ?
Y: Just from the start of this season.
X: Hum us department mein weak hain.
Y: naku pedaga ardham kakapotunde; roomie baga chustadu, alavatu aindi
X: Will you be Facebooking the superbowl ? 
Y: Ipudu ade trend le. Silent ga flow lo follow aipo.
X: nenu kastam ga basketball follow avutha. adi chalu ani fix ayya
Y: Basketball racha hai. Manchi hype untadi game lo. A few weeks back lebron james ki game dekh ke flat hogaya. apati nunchi koncham chustuna
 X: aisa
Y: vadamma ekado oka dagarra ninchoni itla antadu, banthi poyi basket lo padtadi. Vere team vallemo kinda padi meeda padi basket lo veste adi miss
X: there should be a club for people like us