networking and butt glue

So I was at this B-School networking event for potential students where I met this guy.  We were shooting carp, talking career changes etc. when without skipping a beat, “Can you let me know if you come across  any cheap and good apartments on the Upper East Side?… I currently live in Astoria and am trying to move to the city.

In New York everyone’s thinking about apartments all the bloody time.

– –

Back home from the networking event and I began watching the Miss America Pageant.

When prodded by the emcee about preparing for the swimsuit competition in under two minutes, I found the following replies funny :

Miss Missouri Shelby Ringdahl: ” I had time for hairspray and butt glue. That was it.”

Miss Connecticut: “Chin up, boobs up and rock it!” breaks into an Irish step-dance.