what are you ?

She asks, “You do not read books anymore, are you still a reader ?”

She asks, “You do not take pictures anymore, are you still a photographer?”

She asks, “You do not write anymore, are you still a writer?”

She asks, “You do not watch movies anymore without getting distracted, are you still a lover of films?”

“I don’t know. Maybe, I am just bored, angry and tired all the time. No, I really am all of those, maybe. It is like I actively seek to be distracted all the time. Running away before anything takes root. The internet is my transit visa.”

She says, “Adulting is not a thing. Actually, it is a thing. Made up by the clever people at buzzfeed. I say the notion of ‘grown-up/growing-up/adult’ is flawed. You just age, grow old and die. Greying, flaccid, saggy.”