big sleep.

I walk, I stop, I look around and scratch my head.

The path feels familiar but looks untrodden.

“Where did I start? How long have I been walking? How much distance did I cover?”

No effing clue.

Wish there were some yellow post-it’s scribbled with clues, stuck on these gray stucco walls.

I release a deep sigh and keep continue walking, half expecting the long unlit corridor to end anytime now.

I run my hands along the celled wall chancing upon what seem to be a series of heavily padlocked doors. Doors shut so tight, I wonder what demons they hold.

I am not afraid of the creatures of the dark; of thoughts that create darkness, I am.

I am not sure of finding light at the end of this tunnel too.

There’s a sound of running water yonder but seems to fade as I walk towards it.

An eerie white glow here, a purple spectrum there, both vanish as I run my hands through them.

The smell of rain moistened earth effuses out of the infinite darkness and holsters up just as suddenly.

Noises, voices, whispers and screams but not a single source to show and tell.

I am tired now, navigating this never ending maze.

I will rest now, having navigated this never ending maze.

Trumpets. Trumpets.

The encephalopathy elephant is here.

I offer no remonstrations.

I lie down on my back gazing at the pitch-dark ceiling as the beast gently tramples me.

The mind sure is a strange place to dine and die in.

How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone ? – Bob Dylan

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