The Guardian : 10 books to make you a better person

From the comments :

`Moby Dick`, I saw myself in Ahab & that worried me: slightly. This did make me a better person, by the only path that works, I saw flaws in my own character by reading about flawed people, & I did not like what it taught me about myself. To `change` your character you must first understand it, only then can you see your own flaws & attempt to ameliorate them. I hate the word `cure` in this context, but if you understand your weaknesses & try to conciously counteract them, you can behave better to other people. This attempt to behave better – if successful – does make you a better person. It may not come `naturally` to you, it will require a conscious effort of will each time, but that is what makes you the better person: caring enough for others feelings, to make the effort. – MartinSilenus


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