Charlotte’s Web – Mackenna’s Gold- Aziz Ansari


[Part – A]

My colleague was a 52 year old gentleman who migrated from Ahmedabad to Trenton, New Jersey in the early 80’s.

One day when talking to me about an upcoming family trip to the Grand Canyon he said something to the effect of  “I’ve been fascinated by canyons and similar landscapes ever since I saw Mackenna’s Gold during my college days in Ahmedabad.”

I nodded away in understanding (even though I’d never seen or heard of Mackenna’s Gold)

This was two years ago.

Today for some strange reason I remembered Mackenna’s Gold. Actually not a strange reason.I have mapped out the thought progression.

I  was watching the opening credits of this Telugu movie : Bruce Lee – The Fighter [1] directed by Sreenu Vaitla and starring Ram Charan – the narrator says “This is the story of a youth who moulds his life around the teachings of Bruce Lee.”  This drove me nuts. I always thought Bruce Lee was an action star and not Confucius. I tumbled head first into a Wikipedia wormhole. Four hours and 32 Firefox tabs + pocket saves after, I remembered the conversation about Mackenna’s and began to pan for gold.

Turns out the movie flopped in the USA but was a success internationally. I finally arrived at the comments section under “Old is Not Just Gold, It’s Mackenna’s Gold” by Kaushik Bhaumik in The Indian Quarterly [2].


[Part – B]

Top 100 Children’s Novels #1: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White [3]



[Part – C]

I have a internet access right now cause things are going pretty well. And I’m sure some of you guys are online as well, and I like the internet, but it’s very annoying sometimes; does this is a situation happen to you, you’re sitting on your computer, working on something really important and then you just think, man, I wonder if Home Alone 2 made more money than Home Alone 1. I got to look into this, now. Sorry important work, something more pressing has come up.

I do stuffs like that all the time and what’s so annoying is once I started looking into one thing, I’ll see something else I want to research, for example, in the Home Alone situation, I’ll be looking at that and I’ll see, oh wow, Joe Pesci’s in that movie. I don’t know much about Joe Pesci. Maybe I should learn everything about Joe Pesci. And then I’ll spend hours doing all this Joe Pesci research, and now I know so much about Joe Pesci, but it’s useless information, it’s never going to help me. [4]

Aziz Ansari – Wasting Time on the Internet (Dangerously Delicious)

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