l’esprit d’escalier

We have an elevator at work that is used both by patients going to an infusion clinic on the second floor and by staff with administrative offices on the other floors.

This elevator usually gets very packed at the start of the workday, with staffers rushing to get to their offices and patients  hurrying to be on time for their infusion treatments. Once in a while people get into heated arguments on who gets first priority to board the elevator with the lone security guard having to restore order.

Today was one such day. In an elevator packed  with 8 people (these elevators are really small, unlike the swanky ones mega corporations have) an old lady insisted on riding along to the second floor so that she could make it to her appointment on time. No one budged, they were looking everywhere but at her, desperately hoping the doors would close ASAP.

Addressing me, for I was THE front line and almost piling out of the elevator, she said,

“I will be out soon anyway” and winked at me.

My defenses crumbled and I stepped off.


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