Superman Comes to the Supermarket

In November 1960, Norman Mailer first tried his hand at a genre that would come to define his career. This is Mailer’s debut into the world of political journalism, a sprawling classic examining John F. Kennedy.

I came across this reference to Norman Mailer in : The Man Behind the President’s Tweets (NYT Magazine April 16, 2018)


When I was a first-year government student,” recalled the former Republican National Committee chairman and Bush strategist Ken Mehlman recently, “one of the first articles we had to read was Norman Mailer’s ‘Superman Comes to the Supermarket,’ which explained how J.F.K. was the man for the television age. It’s very possible that just as Kennedy possessed unique skills for that age, Donald Trump does for the social media age.”


The NYT Comments section never fails to surprise.

Exhibit (a) fair verona where we lay our scene.jpg

Here is the Mailer Piece.
Superman Comes to the Supermarket

One thought on “Superman Comes to the Supermarket

  1. saving the mailer article for the weekend… i came across him when looking for books on mohd ali…. never read him though

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