The best job in journalism? Sorry, it’s already filled by Jim Dwyer

“Not long after, I met a girl in a bar. We hit it off over some beers. I was smitten. The next day I passed her on campus, but she didn’t say hello. How could I get her attention? I figured I’d write an article about the scene on Fordham Road. Maybe she’d read it and think I was a great guy. I wrote it up, and I don’t often say this about my own work, but it was pretty damn good.”

And the young woman he hoped to impress?

“She never read it,” Dwyer says. Then, with a storyteller’s timing, he adds, “but she married me, anyway.” Dwyer and his wife, Cathy, the department chair at Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, have lived in the same northern Manhattan neighborhood, where they raised two daughters, for the last 35 years.

full piece here

Came across Jim Dwyer due to this NYT piece :

Scenes Unseen: The Summer of ’78 Long-forgotten pictures capture escape and discovery in the city’s parks. By JIM DWYER

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