Plebs in Rome

We are huge fans of Plebs. We have watched/re-watched all available seasons (on Hulu) at least five times. Our favorite moments in the show are the interactions between Grumio and the landlord

‘Salve Grumio!’

‘Alright Landlord.’

and also the intro song is great for humming along.

In July of 2018 when we finally got to ROME, we were pinching ourselves in excitement and disbelief. Plebs was on our mind(a lot) while roaming the majestic ancient city. The missus and I were planning to enact the intro song from plebs, but it was very crowded so we shelved the idea and decided to see the Colosseum.

ROME being an world famous tourist attraction, scams abound. I usually never ask for directions or instructions when touristing. I try to figure things out on my own but the missus insisted I go to the Tourist Center and get all the pertinent Colosseum information.

I walked up to the lady behind the counter and even before I could utter ” Hi we  want to.. “

She greeted me with “SALVE !

I did a sharp about turn and ran out right away.

Found the missus and said ” You know what just happened !!!!”


The lady behind the counter just greeted me  “SALVE !!!

The missus squealed in happiness and we both ran back into the tourist center where we were greeted again with a “SALVE.

We both responded “SAALVEE to you as well

The missus kissed me on the spot (the MIL, FIL and BIL were looking at the unfolding scene and nodding in disapproval LOL) and said…’this has been the best pleasant surprise of this euro trip so far, saying SALVE to a Roman in ROME. I am so happy I pushed you to go ask for information.’

I’m sure to the casual bystander we looked like textbook cases of ‘Stendhal syndrome‘ but we dint give a fuck anyway. We were besides ourselves in excitement.

And going to the Information Desk turned out to be a good idea because the lady told me,”There is no entry fee for the Colosseum today…you can just walk-in. Enjoy.”





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