It’s blog time folks : Welcome to Blog-O-Wood

Aamir started it… Big B latched on to it … RGV remade it and now K Jo embellished it.
Yes ! it is the big bad world of blog-o-wood where reputation is either made or destroyed in a matter of posts and the blog hopping janta decides if the entry was eye-balls vasool or not.

As if the current plight of Mediocre But Arrogant bloggers like yours truly who vie with the rest of the lot for a few seconds of ‘your quality time’ the entry of super star bloggers makes the jog in bloggers park a truly hercluean task.

We have to goad/plead/threaten/Kidnap/Spam people to get to read our posts/rants and comment on them while people like K Jo who just happens to post his first entry today has already 100+ comments.

No I am not lashing out at those who don’t read my blog or at the celebrities who are jumping on to the bandwagon. Please we could do with many more clebrity bloggers. For instance I would like to know what kareena had for breakfast or how Rakhi feels about her implants and hear from big producers and directors on their views about the casting couch etc etc.

Bloggers in India have not been able to influence the mainstream media the way they have been able to do in the USA. So a little bit of glamor to the Indie blogging sphere would only do it good. Like earlier Indian ladies tennis was something you saw so that you could get that pleasent afternoon siesta; enter Sania Mirza and you know the rest….

Aishwarya Rai Bachan’s comment on Ramu’s blog… Aamir and Sharukh : the dog connection… these are headlines/breaking news ! Gone are the days when a blog was like a personal thing. With the present celeb frenzy it feeds tabloids and gossip colums those spicy tidbits they are looking for.

{hope Miday is reading my blog :p
Great headlines this would make :

N00b desi Blogger to sue Aamir, Big B, RGV , K Jo and the next wanna-be-celebrity blogger for stealing his audience and for Intellectual property infringement.

From our special celebrity correspondent : New York based desi blogger …..

Man ! Such exposure would just be awesome….

I would also like to see some non-bollywood but still celebrities like the pani puri stand wala near my apartment who serves hundreds of people every day ; the beggar at panjugutta junction who sees life as it happens. It would be intersting to get their prespective also, No ?

I am reminded of a dialog from Sarkar Raj in which it is said that people in india just want entertainment. How true. We like the political dramas, gossip, the k- serials and the k-movies. We just want to be entertained at all times obvious to the discomfort that we cause to others.
Like what’s with all those people who talk loudly on cell phones, spit n piss in public places, answer calls in cinema theaters, pass rude n lewd comments, leech at the women folk don’t they know the discomfort they cause to others ? Why doesn’t anyone do anything ? No, we want to be entertained. I like to see that look of ‘oh ! damn’ in the eyes of the other person when I rush to slam my bum into a just vacted seat in a bus; the same seat for which the other dude been waiting to be vacant.

Russell Peters jokes : ” Terrorists hate americans; Indians hate each other.” How true.

So come on Bollywood it’s showtime. Salman paints kaathe how about a flash website of his paintings ? Come on Saif you can speak about how to date and breakup with hot women and Pritham could pen an original line or two about the creativity in his music .

If you don’t know nuts about blogging don’t worry, there are N web 2.0 wannabe’s out there are willing to pay you good money to use their site for your blog.
Gentlemen and women start your typing … it is show time folks !

A tale of two cars

I’m a big fan of Ravi Teja but his latest film “Krishna” was a complete let down for me.
Ravi has this image of an ‘angry still-young man’ and his movies are always scripted in a way as to capture this very essence of his persona. The action sequences in the movie defy all logic and sense. Looks like the Telugu action movies these days instead of looking up to their Bollywod counterparts are trying to match up to the standards set by the legendary Tollywood action man who could control trains and chairs at his beck and call.

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