i exist due to a prank call

Over the weekend I spent some time in Rochester with a PhD. pursuing fellow. After downing few mugs of ale he told me the quirkiest tale of how his parents met. Take over from here pursuing PhD. in Imaging Science (PPIS) guy .. So my mother and her younger sister (my chinna amma) had gone […]

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Walking out of the CVS on my block, I saw a plastic bag stuck in a tree branch. I laughed to myself thinking of the bag snagger essay from Gone to NewYork: Adventures in the City by Ian Frazier, I’d read a few years ago. When the missus who was walking lockstep with me asked […]

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I bought this ‘sleek’ beauty on November 23,2007 with money saved up from working as a photographer’s technical assistant. Already four months into my stay in the US of A I had resisted buying a laptop due to the mental gimmicks of $700 to INR??  I would rather spend extra hours in the computer lab […]

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big sleep.

I walk, I stop, I look around and scratch my head. The path feels familiar but looks untrodden. “Where did I start? How long have I been walking? How much distance did I cover?” No effing clue. Wish there were some yellow post-it’s scribbled with clues, stuck on these gray stucco walls. I release a […]

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